Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do Johnson County dogs have anything to howl about???

Apparently, they do!

We are REALLY close to the highway, but in the 18 months that I've lived here, I've gotten used to the sounds that are always coming & going. The first few nights, I couldn't sleep ... now the traffic helicopters don't even wake me up in the morning.

Last summer, I was sitting on the couch, when a fire-truck drove by our condo on the highway. All of a sudden, Minnie sat up & started howling at the sirens going by. I've NEVER heard her howl ... I didn't even know that she knew how to make those sounds. It just goes to show that dogs have canine instincts, no matter how cush their lives are. She "makes her bed" before she lays down to sleep, she likes to "bury" my phone or remotes in blankets ... and now this!

I was fast to get out my handy flip camera just in time to catch her howling at the trucks going by. Excuse my howling to get her started ... I couldn't let this moment pass my flip by! :)

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The Lunds said...

You two should be in a band.

Bets said...

How do you know we aren't already? :)

distaff said...

Two? I don't think we were hearing Minnie at all, I think it was all Betsy nd a dog she drugged to get it to look like it was howling.

Bets said...

You two should really be nicer with a birthday & Christmas coming around the corner!

Haven't you seen this baby doing the same thing?

P.S. I don't make fun on YOUR baby and all the strange noises SHE makes :)

FL said...

My old Standard Poodle would try to imitate the sirens in a very, very similar fashion.

He taught my parents Black Lab to do something similar, but his voice wasn't quite as well trained.

34th Stater said...

Next stop, David Letterman