Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Come on in!

Tomorrow morning is the first day of school! I've been up in my classroom for about 2 weeks, even though our official work days didn't start until last Friday. As always, things really started to come together in the last few hours.

Tonight, we had our Popsicle Pop-In where I get to meet kids and parents for the first time and they get to see the classroom for the first time. The third grade classrooms are right next to ours, so some kids I knew really well, and some I hadn't ever seen. They all seemed excited to be there!

My room finally came together. I have some new decorations, new bulletin boards, new name-tags, new books, new rules ...

... and a new mess! Way to start off the 2010-2011 school year, Betsy!


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Adam and Ashley said...

looks great bets!! I love a freshly decorated and clean classroom!!! Best of luck on a good first week :)

Beth said...

Geesh, I really DO read your blog via my iPod touch, but unfortunately, that means I'm usually not commenting.

Hooray, happy start to the school year!!! Your room and the building both look great, and I'm optimistic for an awesome 2010-11 :)

Adam and Ashley said...

me again...just noticing how many stars on that bulletin board!! way too many kids, is that your class, if so, how many students?

a. harms said...

I love your room. Especially the bunting flag hanging from the ceiling.