Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yes, clearly I HAVE forgotten about this blog!

The top 19 Reasons Betsy Has Not Posted On This Blog In Exactly Six Months:

1. It's not always possible to pick the "Bets Week Ever" things every week.

2. Lots of things happening with lots of friends - new jobs, new last names, new babies, new area codes - and I wanted to be there supporting all of them!

3. I did battle with a bat! Enough said. {Actually, it was three bats!}

4. Kansas has been taken over by a Secretary of State who is trying to figure-out how to prevent people who weren't born here from reading this blog. I object because my Mother was born in Texas and my sister was born in Missouri.

5. Elections! Exciting Everywhere Else!

6. Trips to see BFFs ... Colorado, Arkansas, Ohio!

7. Afternoon walks with Minnie. We've seen lots of wildlife, and lived to talk about it.

8. KU plays more than one Division 1 sport and they need my support. Sadly, none of the teams play during the Fall.

9. It almost never rained and I was waiting for an old-fashioned rainy day to stay inside and post.

10. New school year with 25 great children ... and none of them read blogs!

11. Georgia has kept me busy.

12. President Obama asked me to do my part and keep the economy going. After a new refrigerator, air conditioner, garbage disposal and car, my 'blogging' engine ran out of fuel.

13. no longer needed to be studying for my National Board Certification, so used my free time to watch the programs on my DVR.

14. Cooking up a storm!

15. TEAM Tailgate needed a chaperone on too many Saturdays.

16. Unusual weather patterns. It's getting blamed for everything else, why not my lack of new posts on this blog!?!

17. Riting and Rithmetic are full-time responsibilities, even if 'cursive' is going away.

18. Ellen is doing so many things and I want to be there when I can.

19. So, if you read the first letter of each of these 19 Reasons Betsy Has Not Posted To This Blog In Exactly Six Months ... You will get a clue. I. LIKE. TAKING. PICTURES.

Or, go to and see what I've done in the last 180 days!

My thanks to my "ghostwriter" who is so OCD that he finally sent me this rough draft. Obviously he should have spent more time with his own book project. 

{Thanks, Dad! I guess you don't like the fact that I haven't updated this blog more often. I hope at some point, I'll be back here more regularly!}

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Anonymous said...

Bets Is Back! Bravo!

Sarah said...

Hey Betsy - Tried to email you back, but couldn't find your email address. Anyway, I'm all for a puzzle swap! I just got about 6 more from family that they drove up and was thinking we could swap in May. I'll be driving home with my family and would be happy to bring in 5 or so and swap with you! Does that sound good? Let me know!