Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1 resolution down, 1 resolution to go.

Last year's resolution was to start a blog to keep in touch with friends and family. I did great with my resolution, and it might be the first one I've ever kept! Even though I posted 372 times last year, I wanted to have something else to do this year, in addition to The Bets Week Ever.

I love to take pictures, but I wanted a way to work on my photography skills this year ... using my new, fancy, PINK camera!

This year's project/blog is all about photography. 1 picture a day. Well, actually 2 pictures a day. I pitched an idea to Jill for us each to take a photo and post them to the blog each day. I thought it would be fun and we'd get to each have a chance to play around with our cameras each day. I sort of stole the idea from 3191: A Year of Mornings/Evenings. During the end of winter break, it was sort of the race to see who would post their photo first. Now that we're back to work, I can tell that they might come later in the evening.

Soooo ... January 1st it was. Jilly came over so we could get the new bloggy blog all set up. We had a few name ideas, but unfortunately, some yea-hoos stole the blog names first and haven't posted since 2002! Finally, we came up with the name and set up the site.

We are now one week in and we've been doing well. The pictures can be of anything we want, I guess. We didn't really talk about it. Mom asked if I could be in the picture, and I assumed yes. However, after looking at many, many pictures on my computer, I've realized that once you become the photographer in your group, there are very few pictures of you on the other side of the camera! The title to each of our posts will serve as the description for the photo. Look carefully for the labels for extra info. We'll see how long we are both able to stick to a picture a day, but I figure that if I can WRITE 372 posts in a year, surely I can deal with just putting up a single picture!

We'd also love to read your comments! Let us know what you like. What you don't like. What you want to see more of. Mostly, just enjoy!

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chitknit said...

Good job! I think I'll write about it this weekend. Must get through the first week back...

Caroline said...

Love the idea Betsy! The new blog looks wonderful! The photographs are really great!!