Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blog Year in Review

This might be the first time I've stuck with a New Year's Resolution!!!

Here is the e-mail I sent to family & friends a year ago:
Hi Family and Friends!
I wanted to send out a Happy New Year e-mail to start my year off right. One of my resolutions for 2008 is to stay in better contact with people and reconnect with old friends!
How am I going to do this? Well ... one way was for me to start a blog so people can see what I'm up to on their own. So I'm putting some of my resolution on you! I have a couple of friends that have blogs and they inspired me to get my act together.
I think I'm off to a good start so far because I actually got my blog up and running before the end of 2007!
So here it is: ! Go bookmark it and check back often. My plan is to post something every day. I'll write about anything and everything ... just so it doesn't make me lose my job! If you're lucky, you might even be featured on my blog ... I promise to be nice. Just go check out Mom playing Play Station 2's Guitar Hero yesterday! Feel free to comment on my page. If you don't have a g-mail account, you can comment anonymously, but I'd love it if you sign your name so I can see what you have to say!
[Also, if you see any Google ads on my site that look interesting, click away! I get paid per click ... whether or not you do any real shopping or browsing on those sites!]
One of the things I'll post about every week is my Etsy "Deals of the Week". If you don't know about yet, you should! It is very similar to eBay, but it is all homemade items and you don't have to bid on them ... you can just purchase them right away. Last summer, I started crafting and putting things on Etsy for sale. It's a fun way to justify all my crazy crafting that has taken over my house and room!
Here is my Etsy site: !
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break with family and friends!
Here's to achievable resolutions in 2008 ... I'm on my way!

I successfully posted enough to have an average of one per day. The only thing I didn't stick with was my weekly Etsy "Deals of the Week". I did do them more often than I thought I would, though.

Here are some stats for the last year:

  • Blog posts: 372
  • Comments posted: 823
  • Number of labels used when posting: 50
  • 5 labels used the most: Friends, family, school, Minnie, TV
  • 5 labels used the least: Downtown, books, bars, art, snow (Hmmmm ... more TV than books. No surprise there. Ellen also tied for least used, but I'm sure that will change. She's only had a few days to make her way onto the blog.)
  • Etsy sales from posts: 12
  • Month with the most posts: January '07
  • Month with the least posts: June '07 (That's when I was 'homeless', so I think I had other things on my mind.)
  • Money earned from ad clicks: $103.51
  • Family members that I've gotten to start blogging this year: 2 (I still have Mom to work on.)
  • Number of visits: 15,000+
  • Hours spent blogging: endless! I could never count.
Thanks to all of you that have followed me through 2008!!! I won't be posting every day this year ... the plan is to wait for the really important things that I want to share. It might be hard to post less because I've gotten so used to sharing news daily. I do have another blog project in the works ... I'll be sure and share it when I have time to get it figured out! I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve with friends and family! Cheers!

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chitknit said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, let's see more!
You are the best!

Anonymous said...

Bets --you were right.This was a great way to stay in touch and make a few new friends.