Saturday, December 29, 2007

Etsy Deals of the Week!

I thought I'd start posting some of my Etsy items each week to spread the word about them. I started making just jewelry this summer (earrings and rings) and now it's expanded into pet toys, key chains, magnet gift sets and I've got more up my sleeve for the future!
Here's my website if you would like to see more from my store!

This is where it started with earrings. These are some of my very favorite. My friend, Kristin got a pair of these as a thank you gift for letting me come stay with them in Chicago this summer for a week!

These are the "Apple of my Eye" earrings and are for sale on my website for $7.00!

Then I moved on to dog toys that are now named, Minnie's Fleecy Dog Toys! Minnie and Peanut have already gone through several fleecy toys ... they loved them so much! They make great pull toys for new puppies.

These toys range in size and color on my website and this one is priced at $2.99.

In the past I made these decoupaged magnets for myself, family and friends ... then I thought that I should start putting them together for gift sets! All of my magnets come in fun tin boxes.

These black & white patterned magnets come in a fun, green tin. I have some sets that have larger magnets and different shapes, as well. This magnet set is priced at $3.50.

Lastly (for now), are the key chains. They are formed with soldering wire and have glass beads for decoration. This is one of my favorites. I think they are great for a new driver, new home-owner, a mailbox key, a dorm key, etc, etc, etc.

This flower key chain is for sale on my Etsy page for $4.00! UPDATE: This item sold today! Go look for others that are similar on!

Go check them out! If you see something you like, but want different colors or styles ... let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Great update and very good pictures. Keep more news coming!

Kathryn said...

Thanks Betsy...Jill gave me some really cool earrings for Christmas. I love the keychains. I'll check out your site soon.

Steve0 said...

Let me just say that Minnie's Fleecy Dog Toys are great. The two that we have are my pup's favorite toys! Thanks Bets! great job!