Monday, June 8, 2009

I've been a bad blogger ...

Too much going on to really sit down & write a good post.

How about I just post some of my 2nd favorite pictures that didn't make it on The View Across Town. So, here is SOME of what I've been doing ... in no particular order:

Miss Ellen, watching Grandma. She was trying some baby snacks for the first time yesterday. She wasn't too interested in the rice cereal that started this week, so maybe she'll like other foods better! This sweet face is TOO CUTE to handle! :)

This was the warning on the side of Jill & Adam's pool. Mitzi & I thought these pictures were REALLY funny. Apparently, tilting fishbowls & creepy twins are NOT allowed at the pool, but laser eyes are A-OK!

Yes, that's Jilly hiding in the pool. This is the perfect addition to their backyard.

The happy family. Ellen is getting strong enough (at 6 months) to sit up without much help. Such a big girl!

My arch nemesis, Gracie. :) I've been afraid of her for quite some time. She seems very love-y, but then will bite you out of nowhere. She was very sweet the other night when we went over there. She even let me pet & scratch her head for a few minutes. Here she is sitting on Mitzi's lap!

We took a mini field trip to visit Adam at work on our way home from Old Shawnee Days. Doesn't he look official?

This was going to be my picture of the day and the title would be, "Nail polish choices for a DIY woman!"

I know this picture is grainy, but I took it in the dark while Ellen was sleeping. I still thought it was a pretty cool picture.

Day 1 of 2 for a district Reading Workshop.

My CLEAN classroom once I finally got it all packed up. Thanks, Emilie, for your help!

Minners, fully enjoying the new chaise pillows I got for my birthday.

A fun game of "Chicken Foot" dominoes on a summer evening.

Minnie & I playing with my Mac Photo Booth program!

Ellen & I doing the same thing. She was watching Erik :)

Okay, that's it for now. Hopefully I'll have some time and something interesting to post in the next few days so some of you will continue to come back and read. What are all of YOU doing during your summer?! :)

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Marie Hooker said...

You are a busy bee! LOVE that first pic of Els. What are you doing going to workshops during your summer?? I hope they paid you for that!

Beth said...

I can tell that each picture actually represented what would-have-been a full blog post! I feel you, though. Anyways, Minnie on the pillows was ADORABLE and I love the laser eyes kid on the side of the pool! High-larious!