Saturday, November 28, 2009

She's so talented!

If you have been in my life for a long time, you may remember that our old dog, Sophie, used to push a basketball around the backyard for hours & HOURS! It was great exercise and it turned into a great game for her!

Well, at the GEAR sale last week, I found this mini basketball & thought that Minnie might like it. The problem Minnie & toys is that she wants to puncture every toy I give her OR she wants to pick it apart with her teeth. I can't tell you how many toys I've thrown away because she starts tearing them into little pieces & swallowing them. {Does anyone have suggestions for this?} I thought this basketball might do the trick. I could teach her to push it around & it's too big for her to bite through. Check out the video ... she's definitely trying to sink her teeth into it!

Here is her latest trick from today! I can't leave my blinds open too much in the dining room because Minnie likes to bark at EV.ERY.THING. that is outside! Squirrels, people, cars, people at the mailbox, landscaping crew, leaves, cats, EVERYTHING! I know that my neighbors and can hear her and I know that you can hear her from the street, so I try not to temp her too much.

This morning, she was so intent on getting closer to the action below that she decided to jump up on the window sill. It's only 4 inches wide, so I'm not sure how comfortable it is to sit up there, but she seems to like it. The first attempt landed her on the floor on her side. Thankfully, she figured it out this time for the video! What is it about schnoodles that make them think they are part cat?

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