Sunday, February 14, 2010

It started again

I took Minnie out this morning & was thinking to myself that it was nice to see that most the snow had melted in my development. There were still the original piles from the snow plows from the Christmas Eve storm, but we could see most of the grass, which was nice.

Then, I went inside for a few hours and when I left again ... snow. Lots of it. I know most of the country has snow, too, but I'm worried about the fact that I may never want to see snow again. Not this week. Not next month. Next Winter? Probably not.

I did get out to see friends for Valentine's brunch before the snow really covered the roads. I'm thankful I have another day off from school tomorrow, because that lets me get some things done before I have to face the snow.

I hope everyone is driving safe, if they really need to be out on the roads! If you can, bundle up ... stay warm, INSIDE ... and curl up to watch some Olympics! I know I am!

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