Sunday, March 6, 2011

Violet, you're turning violet, Violet

I thought this was pretty funny ... I'm just like these kids!

I mostly blame Jill. She's the one that made me get my MacBook Pro when I went to buy a new PC laptop ;) And then, I blame Apple for sending me a free iPod Touch and new printer when I bought my MBP with my educator discount.
However, I might be the only tech-y person I know that doesn't have a smart phone. I even went to the Sprint store this weekend since I was due for an upgrade on my phone. I was thisclose to actually buying something fancy, but Mike Teavee (do you see what I did there), was the salesman I was stuck with and he was so ADHD he couldn't answer any of my questions or look at me long enough to help me buy said smart phone. Therefore, I walked out empty-handed.
Enjoy this video, and then take me with you when you go shopping for your next Apple product. Ahem, Molly, ahem.

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The Lunds said...

Ahem, yourself. I'm scared of Macbooks.

chitknit said...

Don't be scared. Come on over to the dark side (which is really the awesome side). So much easier/better for photo management, I promise you!