Monday, April 18, 2011

Shoe Review #3

I called Mom last Friday afternoon, asking if she would join me at DSW to look for some new shoes before my $10 off coupon expired on Sunday. She had a coupon, too, so we braved the cold on Friday night and visited the newly made over DSW close to us.

I went, looking to replace 2 pair of black leather sandals that I've worn out. They are very comfortable, but the straps have stretched out from numerous wears and I needed something new for work and this spring/summer. Sadly, I didn't find exactly what I was looking for ... but ... I did try on these sandals made by Crocs. {The straps look navy in this top picture, but they are actually black.}

I know that many people are anti-Crocs, but I really do think they're comfortable. You get used to the bumps on the sole and the soft base make them nice to walk in. I bought this black pair for $29.99 (and then $10.00 off) and I'm already loving them. Originally, I thought they would just be for bumming around this summer, but I think they look a bit nicer than my regular Old Navy flip flops.

I wore them to school today (I did touch up my nail-polish after taking these pictures) and my feet felt great all day. These came in brown, too. I'm tempted to go back & get that pair, but I rarely wear brown in the summer. If you are looking for comfy sandals and you can get over any issues you may have with Crocs, then you should check these out.

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