Saturday, July 16, 2011

5 days and 500+ pictures

I've been home from Carmel, CA for almost a week. I've been putting off this blog post because I wasn't sure how I could possibly sum up the trip or share my 500+ photos. Well, thanks to my friend, Jilly, I put the following slide show together! I know it's probably too long for the majority of my readers, but I wasn't sure I could narrow my pictures down any further.


We fit a lot in the 5ish days we were there: hiking, wine, window-shopping, walking along the beach, cards, trip up to Big Sur, food, visit to Pebble Beach Golf Course, wine, 17-Mile Drive, laughs, Monterrey Bay Aquarium, wine, more cards and fun.

What a wonderful trip & get-away during the Kansas heat. I hope I get to go back again someday!

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The Lunds said...

looks great! When are you going to do one with all of my photos?

distaff said...

While I can't see the photos here, I have pre-viewed them all. So glad you enjoyed your photo safari!

Kathryn said...

That was a beautiful imovie!! Thanks for sharing.