Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Art by students

These illustrations are currently hanging on the walls at school. The presidents went up first, and then I saw the other famous faces. I can't stop looking at them ... and think they are a great way to have groups of children take part in one piece of art. Enjoy!

Barack Obama:

Abraham Lincoln:

Kate Middleton:

George Washington:

Justin Bieber:

Martin Luther King, Jr.:

Elvis Presley:

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The Lunds said...

But the real question is ... will they work in my living room?

Bets said...

For sure! Which one did you want? Biebs or cyclops Lincoln? Maybe we could do a fun mosaic-type print of some picture you or I have taken? Let's brainstorm!

distaff said...

Love this idea! Did the kids know who they were drawing at the time,or were they just given a part of the portrait puzzle. 6173

Katie Po said...

Hey, dibs on the Bieber one! Really, those are cool.

Marie Hooker said...

sooo cool!!

Adam and Ashley said...

love these!