Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crafty project for my classroom!

I found that one of my neighbors was getting rid of this rolling shelf, and since I'm an elementary school teacher, I like free stuff that I can use in my classroom. Free furniture is even better!

I went to get some fun contact paper at Home Depot yesterday and then started covering it to make it look a little fresh & new.

About 2 hours later ... and I have this fun piece of furniture to take to school in August! You like?

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Mitzi said...

Me likey!! Now if I could just find one for me!!

Laura said...

That's great!!! I can picture books and games overflowing it already!! :)
Oh, how I do miss those days!

The Lunds said...

looks great!

4 Magic Words said...

You are Martha Junior!

Rob and Jenny said...

Ummm... LOVE it! I want one for the little girl's room! You inspire me Bets!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it, Bets! Can you make me one, too??? J :)