Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Treasures" found at the Mission Road Antique Mall

Every few months, Mom & I will go browse around the Mission Road Antique Mall at 83rd & Mission. I've been very lucky & found some great stuff there in the past. Wedding presents, wall decor, purses, etc.

A few weeks ago, we went specifically looking for brown & white plates for Mom to hang on her new yellow walls in the family room. It's always better to walk around when you are specifically looking for something. I decided that I should look for something to hang on the TALL wall above my TV since I moved the large painting that was there into my dining room.

Normally when we go, I ooooh & ahhhhh over several of the booths. Another great blogger, Mrs. Blandings, has taken pictures of and posted about her favorite booths. I thought I should do something similar. But ... once I started looking around, I found strange & weird items that I just had to take a picture of. So, this post will be a mixture of the great & not-so-great things at the Mall.

First up, this "rocking chair". We found it in a booth upstairs and I was wondering where this would fit in anyone's house. You can't quite tell how big it is by this picture, but it was HUGE!

I've been drooling over this lamp for a long time. Silver lamp base & a simple drum shade that the booth owner painted these gray circles on. It would be great in my dream "Black & White" bedroom that I'll never have :)

Here are 2 of the 3 large tin ceiling tiles that I ended up buying. They will go on the 2 story wall behind my TV. They are about 2ft x 2 ft tiles & they will look really nice once I get them hung up. They were a bargain, too, at just $26 each!

We thought this portrait was quite strange. I can't figure out what I think is the most awkward: the adult face on this child's body ... or ... the proportions of the body for it being a child's body.

This was the other ceiling tile I really liked. It would be the size of just 2 of the ones I got above. It had beautiful colors on it that would match the colors in my couch pillows, but it was a bit pricey and I thought it might not fill the empty wall as well.

I like a little dog as much as the next person, but I think these poodle statues are STRANGE! We found them all over the antique mall. Mom says they are something special, but I don't see it.

Mitzi came with us for her first trip to the Antique Mall. This FAN-TAS-TIC chandelier was hanging in a new booth and it was giant, as you can tell. If you have the house big enough for this beauty, you should get it! You don't find one of these just anywhere. If I remember correctly, the price tag matched the size of the light fixture :)

This one is for my girls who are in love with the Lawrence Welk spoof from SNL. This girl seems to have lost one of her hands. "And I like, can I touch?"

And here are 2 more "dog" statues. For some reason, I kept thinking that these dogs looked like they were men dressed up in dog costumes.

That's it for that trip to the Antique Mall! I'll be sure and post pictures of the ceiling tiles once I figure out how to get them hung up on the wall.

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Marie Hooker said...

Sisters do as sisters should...we're all together sisters...
That snl bit cracks me up every time!
Love your purchaces!

distaff said...

I didn't say the dogs were special! The Staffordshire dogs in the last photo are special because they are Staffordshire, even tho they are ugly. The others are cheap florist crap from the 50's. I guess someone thinks they are collectible, or a good gag gift.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, buyers are better served shopping at River Market Mall. I sell many items to Mission Road dealers that they mark up 300% or more. And I sell wholesale to all.