Friday, August 7, 2009

Burgers & Bowling!

Two weekends ago, we decided to go out to dinner & then to enjoy a few games of bowling.

We started out at Blanc Burger. ALWAYS a great meal, but that night the restaurant was filled with smoke (from what we assumed was something that burned in the kitchen), and the diners that were waiting for a table have very little room to stand, so they started spilling into the tables area. I've since talked to 2 other people who also said Blanc was smokey when they were there. This means a) their cooks need more training or b) their ventilation system needs more work.

Here is Adam's burger. See the GIANT onion ring on it. Yummy!

And, of course, we got shopping carts full of fries & rings. This time we got the truffle fries (not my favorite, but everyone else likes them), the sweet potato fries (definitely my favorite) and the beer-battered onion rings (first time to try them, and I liked them)!

Then we headed over to College Lanes to bowl. Other than the grandparents that were there with their 6 grandkids, we were the only people in the entire place! I had a coupon for buy one game, get one game free, so that was nice!

I was happy that the pink bowling balls were the perfect 8 pound size for me. Mitz has her own bowling ball & shoes. I'm jealous :)

Great pic!

Something about this picture cracks me up.

"Lefty" Adam getting ready to bowl. None of us did particularly well, but we got better as we got into the second game.

I'm pretty sure this is our first time. We totaled our points from both games & Mitzi kicked our asses!

Finally, some other people started coming to bowl. This was the lanes next to us with 6 college-aged kids. Thank goodness they came & were buying food & beer, because we were starting to feel bad for the waitress that worked the bar there.

It was a fun night! I'd like to play more often, and maybe improve my skills before next year's Turkey Bowl at work! :) I took tons of video on my Flip, with the plan to practice my editing & make a bowling montage. That hasn't happened yet, but when (if) I figure it out, I'll be sure & post that, too!

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Mitzi said...

That was a really fun night. Good thing you left out the part about the man sending his burger back and asking "May I have one without the hair?"