Saturday, December 13, 2008

Whaddya say Urbanspoon?

Last night, after a few of us went to the Young Friends of Art Happy Hour at the Nelson, we were anxious to get to some food for dinner. The happy hour was 6-8pm and by the time we left the museum it was close to 8:30.

We were standing around to figure out where to go eat and we looked to Jilly's fancy, new iPhone. She has downloaded the Urbanspoon application and it's the greatest! If you haven't seen the commercial for it, Urbanspoon is like a slot machine that helps you to pick out a location in town, a type of food, and a price point when going out to eat. Each one of those topics has it's own spinner on the slot machine and you literally shake the iPhone and it spins. After a few requests for location and price (just $ or $$), we ended up being happy with the suggestion of Blanc Burgers + Bottles.

Blanc Burgers + Bottles is right in the middle of all the Westport excitement. After driving around all the streets looking for a parking spot, we finally got in there and put our name in. Needing a table for 7 would mean waiting for a while. Once we finally got seated, we immediately ordered. None of us were drinking, but we all ordered fabulous things on the menu!

The menu has minimal choices in each food category (salad, burger, sides), but could be overwhelming when looking for drinks (beer, wine, sodas). I ended up ordering the Turkey Burger and the regular fries. The burger came with avacado, spinach, swiss cheese and tomatoes. It was served in a giant brioche bun. I ate nearly every bit of it. My regular fries were a bit crunchy for my liking, but we also got the sweet potato fries, onion rings & truffle fries to share. All of those were great. They also came with their own homemade condiments.

For 7 of us to eat, our bill was only $104. Not too bad! We didn't have any "real" drinks, but we all got burgers and 5 shopping carts of fries to share. Our waiter also brought us 2 orders of kalamari fries to share since our order was running a bit late. We were STARVING, so that was nice of him.

If you're looking for someplace new to go for burgers, I definitely recommend Blanc Burger! Great for lunch or dinner. And for those of you with iPhones, go get the Urbanspoon app. It is worth hours of fun!

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Jesslee said...

Thanks for the review, sounds like a great place. By chance do you know if they have a veggie burger?

Mitzi said...

They do have a delicious veggie burger--it's spicy and yummy. Very filling, especially with the fries in a "basket".

Anonymous said...

I hear they're opeing a second spot out south at Mission Farms. I know that's an "older person's" destination, but I can't wait to go.