Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ellen!

At this time, exactly a year ago, we were at the hospital, visiting Molly & Erik and meeting Ellen for the very first time. That day was so hectic & crazy. I was holding my cell phone all day just waiting for updates from Mom or Molly. Some people at work didn't understand why I was so excited, "You know that YOU aren't having a baby today, right?" They didn't really understand. My only sister was having her first baby. A wonderful milestone in my life!

Aunt Susan told me that she fell in love with each of her nephews and nieces the first time she held them. I felt that, too! It didn't really matter what else was going on or had happened on that day ... December 3rd will always be Ellen's birthday! Emilie told me that Aunt would be my favorite title ... and she was definitely right!

We've had quite a first year together as Aunt Betsy & niece Ellen ... I'm so lucky to live close and be a part of Ellen's (almost) weekly life. I know not everyone is able to live near their families, so I do my best to not take that for granted! I've also been lucky enough to share our past year with all of you through this blog, the photo blog, Facebook and talking with you in person (whether or not you had asked - thanks for listening)! I can't even begin sum up how much I love Ellen & how lucky I feel to have her in my life. For that ... you'll just have to keep coming back when I post about her! :)

The birthday celebration will actually be happening with family on Saturday. I'll be sure to post afterwards!

Happy Birthday, Ellen!
I love you to pieces! :)

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The Lunds said...

Ellen loves you, too, and is so happy to have you around. (As are we).

RachelC said...

I can totally relate to the joy of being an aunt! There is nothing better than the love you get from your nieces and nephews. I'm sure Ellen knows just how much you adore and love her back.

Laura said...

I totally know what you mean about the joys of being an Aunt! There really is nothing like it!! Even though I have Grant, my two nephews feel like my own children as well!! So neat!! Happy Birthday Ellen!! :)

distaff said...

Great pix Betsy. You're a terrific aunt, much better than I've ever been. Keep it up.

The Huffman's said...

Ok you made me cry!!!! I know exactly how you feel!!! My lil Mia turns 2 in 2 weeks! I won't see her until the 24th of Dec though. But I am counting down every second to squeeze her!!! Have a great weekend!