Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New doggie friends!

I love Spring Break! Oh wait ... my Spring Break is already over ... but Julie's break just started! She decided to come home for the entire week & that makes me happy, because it's always fun to catch up! Julie was brave and made the trek home WITH Hayes, her sweet pup! I met Hayes last summer when I was visiting Mike & Julie in Ohio. She is definitely still a puppy & this was highlighted tonight! Her high energy wore 4-year-old Minnie out in just a matter of minutes. (P.S. Minnie turns 4 on March 31st! I can't believe I've had her for four years!)

Getting a picture of the two pups sitting still was just as hard as you'd think it would be. I'll call this picture a success, even though neither dog is looking at me! Minners & Hayes almost look like they could be related.

An action shot. Both dogs seemed to be tired before we even left the house. When they weren't walking right between us, they were pulling us and getting their leashes all tangled up.

This is my new favorite angle for photos. I read a great blog by a woman who lives in rural Kansas, Whatever, and the writer just went on a Mission trip to Africa. She said that she was worried someone would be upset by her taking pictures of the people, street scenes & living conditions, that she frequently took pictures by holding her camera at her hip, aiming & shooting. I wondered if I could do this & how the pictures would turn out ... and in the past 2 weeks, those have been some of my favorite shots. Maybe because you can't over-think the picture! Try it!

Thanks for the walk, Julie & Hayes! I'm glad the dogs got to meet and we got to catch up. I'm mostly glad that Spring has decided to show up in Kansas! :)

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Good minnie picture!