Sunday, March 28, 2010

There's no place like home

Oh look! A pretty goose. Sitting on her eggs. She found a nice spot now that it's Spring and the snow is (hopefully) gone.

Wait a minute! There is a sign to warn you to leave Mother Goose alone. That's strange.

Now do you see her? There she is! Right in the middle of a median in the Macy's parking lot. If you happen to see Mother Goose & her babies crossing 119th Street in a few weeks, please be polite. She's worked hard to take care of her babies and all she wants to do is get them to a pond across the street!

I think there's a joke in here somewhere ...
Why did the goose cross the street?
To make a nest for her babies at Town Center??? Surely one of you can come up with a better punch line!

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D said...

Cute! I actually saw them last year there too... so crazy they could just make a next in the parking lot!

Laura said...

That's too funny!! The geese around here like to lay their eggs at Kohls!! :)