Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I created a monster ...

... but at least it's a cute monster!

I remember when I first got Minnie and she was still a teeny, tiny puppy. I taught her how to jump up on the couch, using cheese as a bait. Mom scoffed, because I had created 2 bad habits: jumping up on furniture AND eating people food. Oh well! I like to cuddle with her ... and my neighbors LOVE to give her table scraps when we grill out!

Check out Minnie's latest trick! How in the world I have an athletic (fur)child, I'll never know! I don't even think that I could do this trick if I tried!

Next time you all visit, you now know that Minnie would be happiest if you had a handful of cereal in your pocket!

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Kathryn said...

She sits so nicely when she's waiting for the Kix. And I love how her ears perk up when you say Ready?

distaff said...

she catches them on the way down!

Marie Hooker said...

So talented!! P will love this video.