Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What makes YOU mad?

A few weeks ago, I got a great writing prompt idea from my friend, Rachel.

"What makes YOU mad? What makes YOUR PARENTS mad? What makes MS. MCKNIGHT mad?"

So, when I went back to school on Monday, I posted it as my morning work & was excited to take them home to read. What I found was VERY interesting. I had a great insight to what really does push the kids' buttons and they do know what frustrates their parents. When the kids were having trouble completing the work (I told them, it should be a paragraph on each topic), I told them that writing what makes me mad should be easy :) They did have some great ideas, but some of the things were quite funny.

Here some of the best ones (unedited, of course):

  • When students talk back to her. Aslo if they say that they cant do it. Somtimes they get a strike. (I try to not make her mad).
  • What makes Ms. McKnight mad is when we are talking & yelling to each other when she's out of the room.
  • What makes Ms. Mcknight mad is when I know that people are talking. That really pushish her button when it is after the bell.
  • She gets mad when they don't get their assignment notebook signed and she especiley does not like it when she is talking and other people talk over her.
  • Ms. Mcknight gets mad when people put books back on the bookshelf in the wrong spot.
  • What makes Ms. McKnight mad is when someone is not listening to the lesson. It makes her mad because she wants everyone to know the concept, not have their mind blank when she calls on them to answer a question.
  • Ms. McKnight gets mad with ______, _______ and ______ and everybody else when their mouth is open. Or when we don't follow directions. She gets the madest when we talk while she is talking!
  • Ms. Mcnight will get mad if I talkin class or don't pay attention in class. She will also get mad if I talkback. (I never do). She would get mad if I took one of her books home without her permistion. Those are the only few I will tell you.
  • What makes Ms. McKnight mad is when I blurt out. Or talk to a neighbor when I'm not suposed to. When someone sharpens thier pencil while she's talking. When someone is talking during a test
  • What makes Ms. McKnight mad, our tiny minds can only comprehend the hundreds the thousands the millions of things that do. But I will bravly try: Talking when she is talking. Bringing unhealthy snacks. Forgeting home work. Running in the halls. Camping out in the bath rooms. Misbehaving in the lunch rooms. Being late to specials.
  • When someone is talk while Ms. McKnight is talking or if people don't listen to her. When she has to repeat everything again. When she see the same people talking in the line or somewhere else. Go to the bathroom and talk with your friends.
  • Whenever people are talking when miss. McKnight is talking, she just waits intell those people stop. Miss McKnight says that it wastes our time. It mak Miss McKnigh mad and it makes other people mad.
  • It makes Ms. Mcknight mad when someone talks back. Or when were suppose to be quiet and were not and she walks in the hears us talking really loud.
  • What makes Mrs. McKnight mad are a lot of things I've noticed. She's a erupting volcano when we talked when not asked to, when we talk back to her, when we forget our homework for over a week and more. I'm sure she gets mad at us because we know better then to do those things or she's told us not to do certin things. I know she's a good teacher but there are just certin things that make her mad.
  • When people dont falo derectons. When They are bulling somwon. When somwon is talking. When somwon isent sharing. When they dont chec ther name off.
  • Talking while the teacher is talking is pet-peave number one. Anoughter is not listen to instructions. But I better stop writing because we are suppose to be working and my teacher is giving me the eye. Another example of a teacher pet-peaves.
  • When kids don't have penciels moving and thier mough open she gets mad. She gets mad when she gets a bad report from a sub. If tables aren't clean in the lunch room she gets mad.
  • I now what makes Ms. McKnight mad when we all fail a test or something. When every budeis talking at once.
  • There's a million things that makes Ms. McKnight mad. I'm not going to name a million but here are some of her pet-peaves. One is when students aren't listening and when she is done withe the directions those students ask her what were the directions.
They do know me pretty well. I'm impressed they know how to stay on my good side ... now if they could just follow their own advice! I thought some of the things they mentioned were funny. I hardly have time to worry about whether or not they get their assignment notebooks signed and it seems like we are always late to specials! (Mostly because I haven't been watching the clock.)

If you are a teacher in my PLN ... what makes YOU mad?

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distaff said...

Duct tape anyone? This is a great post, and yes, they know you very well.

Marie Hooker said...

I'm going to try this with my class! I bet our triggers are VERY similar...

4 Magic Words said...

It's time to replace "Bless and Release" with "Blast and Release" ... or is it "Blast and Recess"?

Just a month to go.

The Lunds said...

erupting volcano, eh?

Bets said...

I thought that was funny, too!
I like the one 4 comments up from "erupting volcano" ... it's from my best writer.