Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Back to school. I feel like we just started a week ago, but we are actually just two and a half weeks away from the end of first quarter. I don't know how we got here.

I'm still running around like crazy. I'm still overwhelmed. I still can't see the top of my desk.

A new daily Math program (on top of the current Math materials), a new way to do literacy centers (on top of the current Reading materials), a new principal (who is lovely and nice and organized), a new class of 27 students (soon to be 28) has me busy as ever! Throw working on my National Board Certification AND what little life I have outside of school on top of all of that, too!

I went to my Heath & Wellness screening last night through the district. When I sat one-on-one with a nurse she asked me to rate my current stress level. Ha! How high does the scale go? Then, we had to log on to our insurance carrier's website to do a Health Risk Appraisal. I was asked how many hours a week I'm expected to be at my job. Then, how many hours a week I actually work. Lastly, how many hours I've done work for my job during the past 4 weeks.

Mitzi and I were sitting next to each other, so we laughed ... and then calculated together. Hmmmm ... let's see. I'm expected to work 8:15-4:00. I can probably count on both hands how many times I've left school AT 4:00 when my contract hours are over. Most days a week, I'm there from 8:00-6:00. Often, I'm the last car in the parking lot. I hate that. I also bring work home to do at night, although I try NOT to do this so I can relax and recharge before the next day. Most weekends I work at least one day, sometimes more. Add it all together ... close to 250 hours of work within the last month. 250!!!! How many hours do you think you put into your job in the last month?

I wear many hats at my job and I attempt to wear a party, happy hat most days. I know things will turn around. I just wish it would happen sooner than later. That's it! Done complaining ... ... ... for now :)

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