Friday, September 3, 2010

Show me your pearly whites!

Can you tell that my little one looks out of it in this picture? This was taken after we got home from her long day at Dr. Jed's office. It was the day that I finally bit the bullet and scrounged up the money for Minners to get her teeth clean.

Minnie is 4 1/2 and last December, they started sending me home with a quote for a teeth cleaning every time I was at the vet. I'm sure our childhood dogs had their teeth cleaned, but I never remember that. Mom said it was probably good to invest in it so I don't have to have rotten teeth extracted on a 18-pound animal at $25-$125 a tooth!

She spent the entire day there and they called at 12:30 to tell me that she did great, didn't need any teeth pulled and was starting to wake up. I could pick her up at 4:00. I drove over after work and found this TIRED, EXHAUSTED, DROWSY pup! She could hardly stand up in the office and fell against the side of my car when she tried to jump in my lap before I could grab her. She fell asleep on my arm on the way home! :)

This picture looks scary and like she might be mad, but I think she was almost passed out when I took it. I had to show you how clean and WHITE her teeth were! They might even be more white than mine! I can't believe the difference the cleaning made! P.S. Aren't those small teeth funny? I think it's fascinating that they have a "cut out" that the other teeth feet perfectly in when her mouth is closed.

Here she is getting really sleepy. I was told to watch her around stairs and probably just to carry her. It's a good thing she doesn't weigh more than she does because I've got a lot of stairs at my place! She napped on the couch most of the evening and then went up to bed before I did.

Sleeping beauty ... trying to sleep off the anesthesia. :(

At some point in the middle of last night, she jumped up in bed and was still pretty out of it this morning, but not too out of it to eat a breakfast. She hardly had anything to eat yesterday ... which you know was torture for her! When I finally made it home from work tonight, she was at the door waiting for me and was back to her normal, happy, barky, self! Glad to have my baby back!

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I'll comment ... except ... what to say about your dog's teeth? Smile you're on candid camera?