Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Year's Resolutions - Written by 4th graders

It's been a while, but I just sat down to grade the NYE Resolution worksheets I assigned to my kids the first day we came back from winter break. After sharing half of them with Jill during our grading party at Panera, I thought I'd share some of the best (unedited) resolutions with you. [Side note: I was surprised how many of my kids didn't know what a resolution was. Some had not even heard the word before.]

Directions: During New Year's celebrations, we often pledge to make the coming year better than the last. Many people make New Year's resolutions. Think of some resolutions you want to make and write them in the spaces below. List your resolution for becoming a better ...

  • I will put my head down at lunch.
  • To always put my best work into my papers.
  • Listen & follow directions.
  • Study 30 min or more a day on test.
  • To stop playing alot of videogames.
  • To get my work turned in on time. Because I'm a slow worker.
  • I will pay attention in class.
  • Don't talk as much.

Son or Daughter:
  • I can be a better Daughter by babysitting For my mom.
  • To not make a fuss about cleaning my room.
  • Not complaining when my Mom or Dad asks me to do it.
  • I'll think before I react to things.
  • Not to say no when my mom or dad ask me to do something.
  • Vacum the house when were cleaning the house.
  • Help clean the citchin.
  • I will do stuff on my own.
  • When my parents say play the piano I will.

Sister or Brother:
  • Dont tatltale as mutch.
  • To not be so "mean".
  • By not trying to be bossy.
  • To help my sister with her homework.
  • Lend a helping hand.
  • Be nicer to my brother.
  • I will try not to get upset when I am playing a game with my brother.
  • I will not fight with my sister.

  • To not be so end pendent.
  • I'll be generous to all my friends.
  • If I want to play a different game than my friend I will play their game first.
  • Inviting them to my partys.
  • Don't just talk about me.
  • Invite people more, so we can have a playdate.
  • I will not push around with my friend.
  • Listen to their ideas.

If you could make one New Year's resolution for our country or the world, what would it be:
  • DO NOT POLUTE! (recicle)
  • I would create world peace.
  • Save electricity, and carpull, go green. So it will save our earth.
  • To give more stuff to charity and poor people.
  • Stop the ozoarn layer it from disentagrating.
  • To end world hunger and every one have a home.
  • To recycle more, stop globol warming, be green, stop littering, don't text while driving, let the troops see there family more.
  • Stop puluting.
  • Try to adopt animals so they aren't stuck in pet shop were they will get lonely and feel unwanted.
I think they did a pretty good job ... what do you think!?

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Marie Hooker said...

What a great assignment! I'm totally stealing it!!

Jules said...

My favorite is the "no texting while driving" that is stuck between global warning and polluting!

Beth said...

I loved it! Especially becoming less end pendent. Very good advice :)

M said...

I hadn't seen these, since I missed out on Grading Day, but I think after looking at some of them they should have made the resolution: Always check my spelling before I turn in my paper...