Saturday, June 12, 2010

New York - Wedding celebration!

The last of the NYC posts. Here are some of the pictures that go with the wedding celebration on the Saturday that we were in town.

The beautiful Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer, just across the street from Katherine & Bruce's apartment.

We got inside & we were all awed by the beauty of this church! I wish my camera had the ability to take great pictures in the dark, because these pictures really don't do it justice.

Instead of a rehearsal on Friday night, the happy couple had an engagement party with all the wedding guests (family) and invited all their friends & coworkers so we could all mingle. When we got to the church, we had an impromptu rehearsal of the events of the ceremony. Everyone was excited. Katherine & Bruce were beyond calm!

The ceremony was held in the Friar's Chapel because there were only 18 guests, all family members. We sat in what would have been the choir members' seats along the sides. It was BEAUTIFUL!

I love this picture! It almost looks like a vintage picture. The chapel was the perfect backdrop!

Aunt Caroline giving a reading.

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Crane!

Isn't this tile floor amazing?

We had a bus to take all the family across town to the reception. Of course, we had champagne to toast & celebrate.

The bus driver let us off a few blocks away from the restaurant. I loved seeing Katherine in her perfect dress & heels, marching down the street to get us to Prune.

The reception dinner was at Prune in the East Village. Katherine & Bruce picked the perfect location for all of us! The place was so small that we filled the entire place and they closed it down just for us!

Here Katherine and her new Father-in-Law, Steve drinking the signature drink of the evening, which was a mixture of 3 types of rum. I did not partake (because I would have been flat on my @$$), but I heard it was amazing!

The menu! I tried lots of new foods on this trip that I never thought I would have. Just at this dinner I tried shrimp toasts (yummy), and marinated white anchovies with goat cheese (was surprised by the flavor, but I don't know that I'll have again). I ordered the Scottish salmon (to die for), but tried Reagan's duck (very good) and Katherine insisted that I try the beef bone marrow that came with the beef pot au feu (don't need to have again). The white asparagus was great, too!

A little dance (and song) for the father of the bride & his daughter :) Very sweet!

Katherine & Reagan! We always love our time with these cousins ... let's plan a trip in the near future!

Uncle John & Reagan after dinner.

Here's a pic of my meal. It was all fabulous!

This really shows you how tiny the restaurant was. We filled the entire place. The rest of us sat at tables behind where I took this picture and to the right was the kitchen & the tiny bar.

Cutting the cake!

Ricotta ice cream with salted caramel croutons. The cake went with the ice cream perfectly, layers of caramel & buttercream. They also passed around oranges poached in a simple syrup. You were supposed to just slice into it & eat everything, peel included. Amazing way to end the meal!

Cousins picture! Hugs and Kisses!

Thanks for an amazing weekend! I'm not sure my posts fully explained what a great time we had, but I had fun sharing with everyone.

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Auntie D said...

Betsy...wonderful! Not happy with the picture of me from the rear. See what you can do about that, okay?

Auntie D

Bets said...

I was showing off your beautiful outfit, but I'll see if I can do some fancy cropping ... just for you! :)

Kansas Voices said...

It looks like you cropped me out of all of the pictures. Oh, I must be the bald guy next to the beautiful young woman in the white dress.

Yes, that's the ticket.

distaff said...

Call me crazy --- I don't see the picture from the rear. I do see me from the front and that's not much better!Love re-living this!