Friday, July 16, 2010

Caption Contest

Jill saw this picture tonight & said that I should post it and do a caption contest.

So ...

Here I am. Posting this picture. Waiting for YOU to give me your best captions!

Go for it! Comment to leave your best captions. I'll pick the winner by after a week or so.

What will you win? Ummmmm ... the pride of knowing that you can write a funny caption for this purse-digging sweetie! :)

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Kansas Voices said...


Is this the purse I wasn't 'posed to get in? I thought you meant some other purse.


The Lunds said...

(from Erik):
Just like Dad taught me ... cash only, please.

Marie Hooker said...

Got candy?

Morgan Porter (Katie) said...

Ummm, hello, just looking for my shades.

Morgan, age 7

distaff said...

Yes, officer. I believe I can find the marijuana in the bottom. Can you just be a bit patient with me?

Otherwise known as Paris