Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Off to Chicago!

** Pretend Julie is in this picture, too! **

Yippee! Time for a vacation. Today, I left for Chicago with Kristin. Julie is joining us from Columbus. We'll be staying with Emilie! It's been so long since I've visited Chicago ... I'm almost embarrassed. This picture was from July of 2007 (I CAN'T believe it's been that long) when I stayed with Em & KK for close to a week over the 4th. Then in May of 2008, I went again for Julie's bachelorette party. Since 2008, I've been basically stuck in Kansas City with a lack of funds for plane tickets and pricey weekends out of town. Paying a mortgage really cut into the travel/fun category of my budget :(

However, I started saving up again & planned a trip out this summer. It is just what I need!

I'm taking my laptop, simply so I can upload pictures each day and hopefully get my daily photo posted on the other blog. Keep checking back there to see what is happening in Chicago.

We have dinner plans, tickets to a Cubs game (my first), plans to head to the Taste of Lincoln Avenue street fest, we'd like to squeeze in pedicures and pool time, and mostly we're just excited about having time to talk and catch up.

Hoping the weather is neither beastly hot nor full of thunderstorms like it has been here in Kansas City. I'm taking my new Canon Rebel with me; I think that will be a great opportunity for me to get used to the settings. I can't wait to report when I get back ... stay tuned for pictures!

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Kansas Voices said...

You haven't left town since 2008? When I find a spare moment I'll go back through your posts. Oh, there's NYC. Wasn't the Michael Buble concert in another state?

Bets said...

I didn't say I hadn't been out of state since 2008 ... I said I hadn't been to Chicago since then! :)

The Huffman's said...

Have a great trip!!! Be careful and enjoy a girls weekend!!!