Thursday, July 8, 2010

Organize a book by it's cover

You've seen pictures of this bookshelf that is in my loft. Remember when I finally got things unpacked, almost 2 months after I'd moved in here? Remember when Aunt Susan got me the CUTEST book ends for my birthday a few months ago?

Somewhere along the lines, I saw someone that organized the books on a shelf by color. I did this as soon as I had a bookshelf to organize & I love the way it looks. Every time someone comes to my condo for the first time, they always comment on it, and half of the time, they make fun of me for doing that. :(

Fast forward to today, when I picked up my mail. I had a Crate & Barrel catalog and just a few pages into it ... look what I found!

I guess I'm not so crazy after all! :)

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1 comment:

Sarah and Derek said...

I LOVED your organizing by color. So fun and pleasing to the eye!