Thursday, August 7, 2008

In honor of my little sick pup

Today Miss Minners went to the vet for her yearly vaccinations. The first year we went, she had a allergic reaction about 5 minutes after our friendly vet gave her the shots. Her little eyes puffed up and turned pink and her tongue and gums turned completely white. She ended up having to stay there and it was one of the scariest days since I've had her ... she was only 4 months old!

Here are pictures of her from that day: Scruffy & being tiny on the left; sick & in her new bed on the right.

Last year, we went through the same thing, but this time they kept her at the vet after the shots so they could watch her and give her antihistamines. She did really well while she was there, and then when I brought her home, she puffed up again and continued to react to the meds.

So after that, the lovely girls at my vet put a note in Minnie's file and we had planned to give her antihistamines before and after the shots and let her spend the day there. Today was the day. At 10:00 this morning they called me and let me know that she was doing fine, had her shots and was begging for belly rubs all day.

I went to pick her up and the report was that she did very well and didn't have any reactions. Perfect! I thought maybe she had grown out of her allergy. Well, I spoke too soon. We had barely walked in the door when Minnie got sick and then her eyes and muzzle started puffing up again. She got sick exactly 8 hours after her last antihistamine shot. :( I called them back and they wanted me to rush her back in.

When we got there, one of the girls (who has known Minnie since I got her at 8 weeks) was at the door waiting for us and they let me carry her into the back room for her shots. I've never been back there. She shook the entire time, but hopefully she'll do well through the night. It makes me so sad to see her feeling crummy. I know she can't enjoy having this reaction to her meds.

Since we got home the 2nd time from the vet, she's been sleeping on and off on the couch and in her kennel.

Here's a video I took of Minnie earlier this week enjoying some peanut butter on her nose, when she was feeling much better!
{This one's for you, Jenny!}

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Heather rules said...

Oh, I hope she's doing better today.

Anonymous said...

I hear she's doing better today. so much better that her momma left her home alone!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad she is doing better Bets. She looks like an Ewok! (is that how you spell it?)