Saturday, February 7, 2009

Did you lose your sack lunch?

If you haven't heard, the weather in Kansas City is AMAZING! Whatever is going on in the rest of the country to give us this 60-70 degree weather ... I hope it lasts!

Last night I got home from work when it was almost completely dark. However, because I'd been at work past 6pm every. night. this. week. I decided that I would make it up to Minnie by taking her on a L-O-N-G walk! We hadn't been on this route since early in the fall. It tires her easily, but it's great because she takes naps most of the rest of the day. When I was walking in the dark last night, it was difficult because you never know what you should be avoiding on the sidewalk or in the curbs.

Today, we went on the same walk again. I always knew there was a lot of trash on the side of Antioch, but to see it in the sunlight, I was shocked! What was most interesting was what seemed to be someone's lost lunch. I started walking and saw a nectarine with a bite out of it, then a 1/2 eaten sugar cookie, later there was a piece of bread, then some lavash chips, and on one of the side streets before we turned around, I saw a bunch of grapes that were strewn all over a drive-way. Our walk was 30 minutes and the lunch items stretched throughout the entire walk! Of course, Minnie wanted to eat every bit of it, so I had to pull her past them!

I hope tomorrow is another nice day, so we can get yet another long walk in. How are all of YOU enjoying the nice weather?

Here's Miss Minnie after the walk, panting in the living room. She got an ice cube to cool down, but I think she was too tired to eat much of it!

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chitknit said...

LOVE the photos! Great work!

Anonymous said...

I took Hayes for a really long walk today, too! It was awesome to be outside and so great when she slept all evening! :) J

Anonymous Wife said...

Cutest picture of Minnie EVER!!

Bets said...

I love that you can see her tongue flapping as she's panting away. As we were walking, she kept turning around to look at me to say, "Thanks Mom! This is the best! Can we keep this nice weather?"

Sarah and Derek said...

Hi Betsy! I'm a definite blog-lover as of lately and like seeing what other people are up to. Minnie is just the cutest thing ever with her little black eyes!