Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow Puppy?

Well, Minnie didn't get to go out in cute, pink boots and do snow angels in the yard like Ellen did, but she did get to jump around and get plenty chilly outside!

We woke up late this morning and were shocked to see so much snow on the ground! The reports yesterday said we might have a dusting of snow, but it's been snowing most of the day and I think we've gotten close to 4 inches of snow!

Here is scruffy Minnie enjoying the white stuff outside.

I love the way snow looks when it covers the tree branches!

Poor Minners ... the snow went all the way up to her belly. She came in with snow covering all her legs. She was NOT happy when I had to dry her off.

After we got ready, I dropped her off at PetSmart to be groomed. I had plans to go work in my classroom while she was there, but I got smart and realized that the heat wouldn't be on and I would never last in my room. Instead, I went to Mom & Dad's for a few hours so Mom could help me grade some papers.

Here is the yummy breakfast she made us when I got there. I never make breakfast for myself, so this was a real treat!

Look at the chairs outside! This was right when I got to their house. It continued to snow for about 3 more hours! YUCK!
Here is the giant pile of papers we graded. It wasn't fun, but I got a lot done. Even though Mom is a slow grader, I appreciated all her help!

PetSmart finally called and told me Minnie was ready to pick up! I'm not sure how excited she was to have LESS fur on the day we get the most snow this winter! Oh well! She looks much cuter and I can actually see her eyes now! She may not look very cute in this picture ... she wasn't very happy with me and wouldn't let me get a good pic of her!

How did all of YOU enjoy your Saturdays? Did you get to play in the snow at all?

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Kathryn said...

Minnie is the cutest. I want a schnoodle when we get another dog.