Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've been (self-)diagnosed with Grocery Store Sensory Overload

It's true! I read about this disease in a book.

Okay, it was less of an informative medical book, and more of a fun, girlie novel. :)

I started reading "Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair" thanks to Mitzi & Jill passing it along my way. While I am not any of the things listed in the title, it's a pretty good book so far. I'm only 70 pages & 18 chapters in, and it's going so quickly, that I can pick it up when I have a few minutes here or there which is nice.

In the book, Laurie talks about how she has Cooking ADD (will start to cook something on the stove and completely forget about it until the smoke alarm is going off) and she has Grocery Store Sensory Overload.

I laughed out-loud at this part, because it is totally me! Here's what she has to say about her trips to the grocery store:

"I know I should go to the grocery store instead of the 7-Eleven, but I can't be trusted in that place. Left to my own devices I will spend a hundred dollars and arrive home with items that when placed together do not even make one complete meal. I'll buy Shake 'n Bake but forget chicken, buy milk but forget cereal, buy lunch meat and no bread. It just happens. The grocery store is big and the selection is vast and I come down with a case of vertigo every time I walk through the perfectly oiled sliding glass door.

And I love lists. I am a list-making fool. So I make lists for the grocery store on Post-it Notes, and on the back of the light bill, and even in a notebook bought solely for the purpose of holding my many lists. But even if the list makes it to the store (shocking rare incident, but it has happened), the list is not in the same order as the aisles, and I still have to walk around and everything is so pretty and appetizing and ... look! Lucky Charms cereal! Lunchables with mini tacos! Oreos with chocolate filling! Hey, I'm an adult and what fun is it to be on your own and paying bills and doing things like wearing panty hose if you can't buy Oreos? I would be denying my power as an adult if I didn't buy these! It would be a travesty! In fact, by purchasing Double Stuf Oreos, I am declaring my independence!

And dammit if an hour later I'm not standing at the check-out with coffee filters, beer, four frozen Lean Cuisines, a big packet of Oreos, and seventeen other items that make no sense."

Just this week I was at my neighborhood grocery store and ran into some of these same issues! I had a list, but of course, things weren't written down by the store layout. I had to make my way back to the first aisle 3 or 4 times for things I forgot to get while I was there. I've been shopping there for 7 months, you'd think I'd have this figured out! I was good, and I bought things specifically for recipes I wanted to make, but when I got home I wasn't in the mood to cook, so I felt like I had nothing to eat.

I think this means that we need to start up with our food swap again. Too much to do during the week to take time to cook a real meal for myself. Blech!

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Sylvia C. said...

Sounds like a funny book!
I agree that the grocery store can be really overwhelming!

take care!

Sylvia C.

Anonymous said...

Your cooking (and shopping) may not be improving but your writing is excellent. Concentrate on your creative side, get rich and hire a personal assistant to shop and cook!

The Huffman's said...

Oh my gosh! That blerb is me to the T!!!!! That happened last night when I was making a goodie bag for my hubby's baseball roadtrip this weekend....$100 later I get home and forgot my food for the next 2 weeks! Bleck! What is the name of the book and author, I might have to go and buy it!

distaff said...

To make an effective trip to the grocery, a lot of thinking and planning has to take place. That's why I carve out the same time each week for this chore. I know I can't avoid it, or there will be nothing to eat the following week. It's even better if I start cooking as soon as I get home on Sunday afternoons. That way, when I hit the door coming home each day, I know there's something ALMOST cooked for dinner. What a comfort.

Marie Hooker said...

That book sounds hilarious. I laughed out loud-especially the part about panty hose. Maybe we should start a personal grocery shopper business and get rich! Sounds like there are a lot of people out there who could use one...