Monday, May 25, 2009

Enjoying my birthday present!

No, I didn't get a baby ... or an Exer-Saucer for my birthday.

I got a Flip camera! Molly & Erik got one before Ellen came and I've been super jealous of them. I was so surprised to open up my present Friday night and find my very own, white & silver Flip!

Tonight, I decided to test the camera out on Miss Ellen when I went over for dinner. She was quite the show-off in front of a camera. The other videos that I took were of her rolling over. However, all I could focus on was my voice saying, "Roll OVER! Roooooooolllllllll OVER, Ellen! You can do it!" I'll have to work on the editing this summer because my voice will start to annoy me & cause me NOT to post videos.

In the meantime, you'll just have to enjoy this video of her playing away ... and then giving a giant yawn! I'm interested to see just how many of you yawn after watching this video :)

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RachelC said...

I totally yawned!

Marie Hooker said...

I heart my flip, too. I try to talk as little as possible so it isn't just my voice.
We should have a pool play date this summer!!

Beth said...

...I am a bit confused on the flip. If my digital camera already has a video feature, why do I need a flip? It seems cool, but if I already have the video feature, how is this better? I'm glad you got one, though! Videos are so fun. :)

Bets said...

From what I've figured out so far the Flip is better for a few reasons.
1. My particular version holds up to 60 minutes of movies.
2. Easy upload, no cords needed ... just the camera.
3. The Flip program comes with editing software that allows you to edit, take screencaps, add music or descriptions.
4. It's little, cute & fun! ;)