Friday, May 15, 2009

A View (from) Across Town

Okay, here are the pics that I promised last night. I decided to put them in a slideshow so they didn't take up the entire front page of my blog. Lemme know which ones you like. I'm constantly working on my photography, and I never know what looks good and what doesn't.



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chitknit said...

Awesome pics!

Rob and Jenny said...

Great pics Bets!!! I LOVED the one with Minnie enjoying the weather and the fountains in front of union stations! Lookin good!

Beth said...

I love Sue, the mascot! How cute! Those are great pictures. I can't wait to get back to GREEN SPACE!!!!

Steve Stone said...

Betsy, you take really great photos! You should post more.

Bets said...

Thanks, Everyone! I hope that all you non-Jill commenters are also checking out our daily photo blog. See the first link under my "Friends" blog roll! :)