Friday, January 8, 2010

DIY project to stop the cold from coming in

Have you heard? It's cold in Kansas. REALLY cold. So cold, that some of the high temperatures this week are in the single digits.

I have an entire wall full of windows in my dining room. In the summer, the late afternoon sun beats in and my condo gets quite hot. In the winter, I've noticed there is a draft that comes through the windows and cools down this first floor of my condo.

Just last week, I folded up some fleece I had left over from Minnie's Fleecy Toys to cover the drafty spots. I should have done that earlier because I think it has made a difference. Then, I got an itch to make something ... as I often do. I wanted to make my own cute, draft blockers.

Molly had the great idea to use fun, patterned tights ... and that would make this project a no-sew project, which is always a good idea!

So, with $10 worth of tights (2 pair from Marshall's for $5 each), $12 worth of rice (4, 5-pound bags of rice from Deal$) and about 30 minutes, I have 4 new window draft blockers. I did buy another pair of tights to make 2 door draft blockers, but I ran out of rice. Who knew that it would take so much?

Here are the pictures that show the process:

Here is a link to the directions & details that I uploaded on a DIY instructional site, WIDWI - What I Did With It:

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Rob, Jenny and Anna said...

BRILLIANT! Great idea Betsy! Hope that house of yours gets warmer! Any ideas on stopping the draft from your firepace (besides shoving a couch cushion up it????)

The Lunds said...

Clever! Oh, what's that? You're welcome! :)

Marie Hooker said...

Nice!! May have to make some, too!