Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thanks for the new toy, Grandma McKnight

This is the new toy that mom got Minnie for Christmas! Doesn't it look like fun? It's colorful (yes, I know she's colorblind) and bouncy and made of tough rubber.

Wait a minute! What is that on the floor near Minnie? Is that candy? Nope ... it's part of the toy. After seeing that, I watched Minnie carefully bit EACH AND EVERY ONE of those balls off that toy.

What I thought was interesting, was that after she bit each piece off, she spit them out in a little pile. Minnie was so sad that I took the toy away from her & threw it away. I'm so sad that this was yet ANOTHER toy that seemed to last just a matter of minutes! Why can't my dog play with toys like most dogs do, NOT eat them?

Here's a video of her biting the pieces off & spitting them out in a pile.

Thanks for the toy, Mom/Grandma!

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distaff said...

Well I thought it was a good idea. At least Minnie is smart enough not to consume the rubber candy.

Bets said...

It WAS a good idea ... It just turns out that she's smarter than the both of us!
In my next life, I'm inventing indestructible dog toys!

Rob, Jenny and Anna said...

OMG- the video is a scream! She's brilliant!

The Lunds said...

can you say neurotic?