Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Hi, Bets!"

Today, when I went to babysit/play with Ellen, she was doing all kinds of new, exciting things!

When I walked up to the door, she saw me through the window & gave me a wave and a smile. Until now, her wave has been a GIANT sweeping art motion from left to right. Today, it was a small, wrist-twisting wave.

She was eating a snack when I came in, but when we got her out of her high chair she was excited to play. Molly said, "Ellen, give Aunt Betsy a hug!" She walked towards me and actually walked into my arms & snuggled. Just a week ago, when I asked for a hug, she looked at me like I was crazy.

We played the entire time Erik & Molly were running errands. We played with blocks, keys, and my purse, which seems to be her FAVORITE game! I put my purse down when I walked in, and she immediately started to get in it. Erik must not have known that this is a regular occurrence, because when he took her away from my purse, she cried the biggest crocodile tears. The tears stopped when I pulled my wallet out & handed it over to her. Today, after she pulled every.single.thing. out of my purse, she actually put them all back in when I asked. Progress!

On to the books! Normally when I pull out books to read, Ellen has been pretty squirmy and would rather be playing with toys. This afternoon, she got book after book after book out of her basket. She would bring them over to me & then jump in my lap to listen to the book. We read probably 15 books, some faster than others, thanks to Ellen's quick page turning!

The best part of today was when I actually heard Ellen say, "Hi, Bets"! Molly has been calling me "Aunt Bets" since Ells was born, but more often now that Ellen is really starting to talk. I've anxiously been waiting, waiting, waiting for the day when she says my name! Kristin & Emilie told me I would be so excited ... they have little nieces that have been saying their names for years!

When it was time to go, I got another great hug and a "Bye bye, Bets" with a wave at the door! I'm AMAZED at how much she changed in just a short week ... I think it's just going to get better and better each time I see her. :)

Love you, Ells!

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The Lunds said...

Thanks for playing, Aunt Bets!