Sunday, May 2, 2010

The biggest front yard I've ever been in!

I've been participating in my Project 365 with other friends & photographers on Twitter since January. For months, I've been hearing about people doing "photo walks" in their hometowns. The idea is for a group of people with various levels of photography skills to get together, take pictures & share tips.

Most days I'm that crazy lady on the walking path by myself, crouched down on the trail or in the weeds getting a picture of some rock or shadow. I even was "caught" by one of my neighbors when he was out walking his dog, too. People look at you funny. If you go with a group of people ... there is safety in numbers. Or at least, I like to think so.

I wrote some friends on Facebook with a wide range of photography skills: takes photos for her job, takes photos of her kids, used to work as a photographer, wants to get better with her camera, etc. The first date I picked fell on a busy weekend for many people. I ended up going to Loose Park with just Molly and Ellen. I never got pictures uploaded from the first one, but you can see them on Molly's blog.

I wanted to schedule another photo walk before May got completely hectic and crazy. Today was the day. So I asked for suggestions from the girls and they came up with great ideas. Molly's suggestion was the Nelson-Atkins Museum lawn. I haven't been there in years, but I knew it would be a great place with many photo opportunities!

We showed up at 10:30, and the group had tripled from the last time. Progress! We stuck together for the most part, but some of us broke off on our own for various shots.

You can see Jill's pictures on her blog. And Marie's pictures on her blog. Oh, and Molly's pictures on her blog. In case you didn't already know it ... in order to be my friend or family member, you should have a blog! :)

Here are my pics in a slide show. They seemed to be easier to share this way.



Who wants to join us for the next photo walk? I'm thinking I'd like to schedule a monthly get together, weather permitting. You would NOT have seen me out in the snow last winter for a photo walk! :)

Thanks ladies for coming! I had a ton of fun!

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Good ones! I like to see everyone's versions of the same places ...