Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet my new friend ...

This is Webster.

His egg came from our custodian's farm.

He was born in the preschool classroom on the other end of our building.

He is the only duckling that hatched.

He has some chick friends in Kindergarten.

He is cute.

He took a field trip to 4th grade this afternoon.

He looks funny when he walks.

His feet & bill feel funny.

His wings are so tiny, they look funny when they flap.

I've never held a duckling.

I didn't want to put him down.

He likes to nuzzle in your neck.

Webster moves too fast to pose for a picture.

Can't I keep him?

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The Lunds said...

Ming Ming!
Ming Ming!

Sarah and Derek said...

If you get to keep him, I'll be SUPER jealous! I always wanted a duck growing up. SO cute!

chitknit said...

You can only keep him if you get a chick, too. Then you could have a chick and a duck, just like our "Friends" Joey and Chandler!