Saturday, May 15, 2010

Name! That! Celebrity!

You are welcome to participate in this mini game show!

Use the pictures provided to determine which celebrity my kids read about this month.

Yes, these are all illustrations of the same celebrity, even though it really doesn't look like it. We got LOTS of laughs over these illustrations!

Clues added each day. Make your guesses in the comments.

Saturday's Clue: Famous for being a singer. (Yes, even though you think there might be drawings of breadsticks or ferrets with the celeb ... they are actually microphones.)

Sunday's Clue: She is still living.

Monday's Clue: She is married to a singer.

Tuesday's Clue: She was in an awful bus accident and broke her back.

Wednesday's Clue: She donated close to $3 million to Hurricane Andrew survivors!

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Paul Bogush said...

Can you tell us whether she is living or not?

Katie Porter said...

Hmmm, my guess is Gloria Estefan?

The Huffman's said...

Jennifer Lopez?

M said...

I'm pretty sure I don't get to play this, but I did get a kick out of this assignment--it's worth it just for the pictures!

distaff said...

I know it's Gloria! Tell me why she was the one they chose to draw ...

Bets said...

Yep, it's Gloria!
She has a story in our Heroes theme with MLK Jr. & Lou Gehrig.
Some of our kids were confused as to why she was in this theme.
I think I agree with them :(