Saturday, May 8, 2010

Maybe we DO live in a big city!

After a VERY LONG day at school, a night out with friends to take in First Friday downtown was just what I needed! After a quick meal at Sushi Train, we headed down to do a lot of walking, a bit of window shopping for art and the night turned into a mini Photo Walk for me! Too bad it was so chilly, we were bundled up in hoodies & scarves. Next time I go, I hope we can wear flip-flops and short sleeves :)


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4 Magic Words said...

Your pictures are good!
In fact, very good!
Please keep it up.

chitknit said...

I like how we call the restaurant Sushi Train, like people will know where/what it is!

Great photos. Can you put the ones of Adam and I on Facebook? :-)

The Lunds said...

good pics! You know that I had my wedding invitations made at Engel Bindery ...