Sunday, March 1, 2009

2 Hour Family Brunch in Photos

Sadly, I was only sitting at one end of the table and didn't get shots of everyone and everything that was going on. Thanks, Aunt Susan, for inviting us all to another FABULOUS brunch at Cafe Sebastienne at the Kemper Art Museum. We always love going there & having a chance to catch up with family!

Giant icicle on the outside of the museum. It was probably 5-6 feet long!

Just one of the many pieces of artwork in the restaurant.

This skylight was completely covered with snow and ice when we got there. Most of it had melted by the time we left two hours later.

Grumpy Ellen, all bundled up to brave the cold. She was NOT happy about her too-small hat! She still looks cute, though!

Happy girl, now that she's out of the car seat.

Kate, at the other end of the table, making funny faces. I started making faces right back at her and she caught me! Then, I got her to smile!

Molls & Ellen. Ellen is wearing a cute, pink curly bow that actually managed part of her Conan O'Brien-like faux-hawk!

Aunt Susan with Lindy. She brought Band-Aids for the kids. It was entertainment for HOURS! Most of us ended up with band-aids all over our hands, arms, and clothes. Lindy was SUPER excited when Susan told her she could take home the band-aids with her!

Laura & Eva. Cute as ever!

Kate, Phillip, Erik & Uncle Phil. I missed my chance to talk to them, as I was at the other end of our table for 15! Talking about KU sports, I'm sure!

Lindy, trying to give Dad a Sponge-Bob band-aid for his head. Too funny!

Someone was pooped & couldn't keep her eyes open for her bottle ... then they stayed open when they should have been closed!

My Cafe Benny: poached eggs on crab cakes, roasted potatoes and lemon Hollandaise. I was dreaming about ordering this last night. It is to die for! I might have eaten too much, because I promptly came home and took a nappy :)

My little shadow when we are at family events: Lindy! We had LOTS of fun playing beauty shop & giving each other "tattoo" band-aids!

Thanks again, Aunt Susan! It was tons of fun! We missed Caroline, Eric & soon-to-be-here baby, Jill & Aurora!

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Marie Hooker said...

What a fun day! Loved seeing pics of all the family...

The Lunds said...

Great pics of the crowd!

distaff said...

Thans, Bets -- you do a great job of keeping the family histoy!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! :) j

Caroline said...

wish we were there!!! Such great pictures! Love, C.

Anonymous said...

Loved the recap! Great to see you, and thanks so much for playing with Lindy. She loved every minute! XO Laura