Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ellen wore her cranky pants for tonight's visit

Molly said that Ellen has decided that sleeping at school is for the birds! While I would normally agree with that when it comes to students, I think that someone who spends her day in the "Bunnies" room should be getting all the sleep she can! Today she slept for only 2 hours - about a third of the amount of sleep she should be getting at school.

I was a bit bummed when I went over tonight and Ellen was NOT her usual happy, bubbly (literally), chatty self. We played for about 30 minutes in between her dinner & her before-bed nap. {I hope she continues on with this before-bed nap well into her adulthood like her Mommy & Aunt!}

Yes, she's pretty cute here, but I could only get a few smiles out of her, and none of them for the camera!

She's getting SO big! I was amazed at how big she was tonight after not seeing her for just 2 weeks! She barely fits in these cute swaddlers anymore and she fills the swing quite well.

Right before I left, I got to wake her up out of the swing & take her up for one last meal before her real bedtime. She was snoozing away the entire time I picked her up out of the swing & carried her upstairs to her room. Sweet as ever!

I'll be back over there to play this weekend, so hopefully I can get some smiley pictures & maybe even a video of her chatting! :)

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The Lunds said...

Thanks for playing! She was asking where you were at 5:30am!

distaff said...

Play time for everyone this weekend. Right?

The Huffman's said...

I bought my niece the same outfit with the elephant on it!!!! She is too cute!!!!

Anonymous said...



Erin said...

What a sweetpea!