Wednesday, April 1, 2009

During & after strange Spring snowstorm

If you are in Kansas City and were here last weekend, then you would know about the giant snow storm that came out of nowhere on Saturday. Well, I watch the weather religiously every morning, so it wasn't really out of nowhere. BUT, it was strange, especially after we've already had some wonderful 60-80 degree weather this Spring!

The rain started on Friday and went right into Saturday morning. Then, about the time I had to start running errands, the heavy sleet started and eventually the heavy snow came. It was a perfect teachable moment for us since we had to do some last-minute prep for our Science Assessment this week. All the precipitation changes allowed me to review the temperature that water (rain) will freeze ... and then melt!

Here are a few pictures I took on Saturday and then on Sunday as everything was melting just about 24 hours later! My favorite made it onto The View Across Town on Saturday ... oh, and Sunday!

During the big snow storm! At this point, I was home for the day. I had driven the kids I was babysitting all over town, and when my car barely made it up their driveway, I knew there would be no more driving for me.

Check out these GIANT snowflakes or snow clusters on my arm!

Love this one. You can really tell how hard it is snowing!

The patio chair. By the time the snow stopped, the amount of snow on top had doubled!

See those giant flakes falling?

The ice that was already on all the branches when the snow started. This is why there were TONS of fallen branches & trees all over the neighborhood.

The day after! Most everything had melted 24 hours later.

I like the colors in this one. Hopefully those pretty leaves weren't too damaged in the ice.

I wish this photo had caught all the ice that was falling off the branches on me as I took this one!

A bit of snow & ice still piled up.

The driveway. I bribed the boys to do some shoveling so we could get out & about that day. I think if I had waited just a few hours, it might have melted on it's own. Shhhh ... don't tell the boys that did 2 hours of shoveling! I helped them for about 20 minutes and my back & shoulders are still sore!

Anyone else get some great pics of the snow?

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