Sunday, April 5, 2009

There was no need for us to eat the rest of the day ... but we did!

Saturday morning, I went to Georgie Porgie's Cafe with Mom & Dad for breakfast. I had been to the older on in KC, MO before, but this newer one opened up in a strip mall at 103rd & State Line, so we went there.

The decor is 50s style with records hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. There are also random pictures, license plates & memorabilia all over.

Our GIANT plates came filled with enough food to feed us for the rest of the weekend. I ordered 2 pancakes, a scrambled egg & bacon. Mom got the breakfast tortilla. It came in the biggest tortilla I'd ever seen!

This was the second incorrect use of an apostrophe I'd seen this week. Arg! On a word with no "s", no less! Check out the simple menu & great prices, though.

More great stuff on the wall! If you go, be prepared to sit at a larger table with other diners and depending on what time you go, you might need to wait. The restaurant is tiny and probably only seats 30-40 people.

Here's my plate, again, with Dad's biscuits & gravy in the back. I haven't had pancakes in a long time, and was craving them. I'm glad I ordered this, but I couldn't finish all of it. Most of it, but not all. I thought I was so full that I'd never eat again. Sure enough, I ate lunch with Molly & Erik a few hours later when I went to play with Ellen.

If you go to Georgie Porgie's, let me know what you think!

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