Saturday, April 18, 2009

Caroline and Betsy's DAY OF FUN!

I got up earlier than I would have liked today so that Mom & I could run some errands and hit a GIANT estate sale downtown. The order of our errands flip-flopped when we drove out of the driveway and could hardly see because of the heavy rainstorm. It finally stopped raining later on and allowed us to get a few more things marked off our To Do lists than we had originally planned.

Here's a little picture post of our day.

We stopped by Molly & Erik's first so we could play with Ellen a bit before her naptime. Here is Miss Ellen in her new Exer-saucer. Molly put it together this morning and she's just now big enough to fit in it. Her little feet just barely touch the bottom tray. She was getting pretty tired and ready for her nap, so she didn't play much with the surrounding toys, even though I've seen her pull on toys hanging on her play mat.

Here she is (in her cute Easter outfit, again) sitting with Mom. She seems to like her new Sophie Giraffe that Molly got her this week. I don't know if you can really see it, but Mom & I did some playing with her hair. She has the BEST cowlick, but it's also fun to try and tame it with cute bows.

This picture was taken on the 4th floor of the estate sale we went to. I want you to guess what it is, and then after some of your comment guesses, I'll give you the answer that we were given from one of the staff at the sale! It was a single-family home, one family had lived there since it was built and the woman that lived there last was 90 years old. There was DEFINITELY 100+ years of stuff in that house, and we saw it after it was down to the bare minimum of items!

The yucky clouds that were out most of the day. Here they are on our drive back into our part of town! Don't worry, I wasn't driving when this picture was taken on the highway.

Pretty hyacinths at Mom and Dads that Aunt Susan brought when she was in town. They smelled so great!

Yippee! After Mom helped to drill holes in this cookie sheet calendar for me, I can finally hang it. It's hanging on the wall right next to the back hall. After all the hard work I put into it, I'm happy to finally have it on display.

Here's the last picture. This is the dresser that I got today at the estate sale. It will get a little bit of glue on the drawers and a new paint color this summer, but it's going to be in the office as another storage piece or a table for the loveseat. Mom & I moved the loveseat from the dining room into the office this afternoon, too. My old chaise (that's at M&D's right now) will come over sometime soon and go in the dining room since the fabric matches better. Excuse my sweater drying rack. It doesn't fit in the laundry room, so the office is where it lives!

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The Lunds said...

Hyacinths, not hydrangeas. What is that thing? A fly catcher?

Bets said...

Thanks for the flower correction. Clearly, I'm the one without a yard to plant things in.
Good guess, but not a fly catcher!

Marie Hooker said...

My guess- human skin? I have no idea. I think fly-catcher was a good guess. Maybe it is some sort of animal hide made into an ugly chandelier?

... said...

Can't see the photos?
What is the deal?

Erin said...

I can't see the photos either...want to though

Bets said...

I just deleted all of them & re-uploaded them. Hopefully that will help.

The problem is probably because I had typed this entire post and was getting ready to publish when I realized I was on my photo blog! I just cut & pasted everything, but clearly there were some issues.

Let me know if that helps!

chitknit said...

Leftover birthday crepe-paper streamers?

Bets said...

Jilly was right! These streamers lined the ceiling in the attic. Most of them had fallen down, but there were still some up. One of the sale staffers said the family retold a story of the streamers going up for a birthday in 1900 (or around there) and they never took them down! The attic must have been a mini-ballroom for the birthday party and the streamers made it look like a tent.
Molly, you would have DIED to know that the paper above your head was about 100 years old. Good thing you didn't go with us.

... said...

Now I see the pictures!
Great work, as always!
National Geographic, Line two.

Carrie said...

That is so gross that they left paper streamers up for 10 years. Since I was living with Molly 10 years ago I hate to even think what would still be up...and I recognize that love seat!

Laura said...

Love the cookie sheet calendar! Great idea!

Rob and Jenny said...

LOVE the calendar! turned out GREAT!

Jennie Day-Burget said...

OH MY GOD that calendar is cute. I LOVE IT, Martha!!! Good work! You are so crafty, lady!

This may have to end up on MY blog -- it's perfect fodder.