Monday, April 13, 2009

I never knew!

Tonight, I was exiting the highway and was sitting next to a police car while waiting at the light. I knew where he was headed and slowly followed along side. While we were waiting, I noticed that this choke-chain was hanging from the spotlight in the front dashboard. I thought it was very strange ... then I looked towards the back seat!

The police car was a Canine Unit! I've never seen the police cars that have the K-9 dogs with them. Clearly, there was a reason for the giant choke-chain.

Good, old Cezar was sitting in the back seat and kept turning around while we were waiting to turn. I don't know if you can see him in this picture, but he IS in there!

Once we finally turned, the car went exactly where I thought it was. Here's a little note to all you driving around in Overland Park: Police cars sit right off the 435 & Antioch exit on the Northeast corner all the time! It is illegal to turn right on red at either of the Antioch exits and drivers do it all the time! Since my condo is right at that intersection, I see red & blue lights just about every day. Watch out ... and drive safe!

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1 comment:

Beth said...

Oh man, that's awesome! I am assuming the dog is just for drugs and not for those turning Right on Red??? ;)