Sunday, October 18, 2009

Career choices

Ellen has lots of choices when it comes to possible jobs as a grown-up.

She can be ...

the lead singer of an 80s cover band,

a percussionist in a symphony,

a foodie,

and an American Idol.

Today we've found a new possible career. It's either a package loader at UPS or a Mommy pushing a stroller. You decide!

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Laura said...

I love how you obsess over your niece like I do with my nephews!! There's nothing like being an aunt!!!! Ellen is getting so big so fast!!!

Bets said...

Obsessed? Yes, that's me.
These blogs have also become the best way to keep family & OOT friends updated on any and all things going on in my world.
I wonder what my world is going to look like when I have my own little ones :)

The Lunds said...

Awww ... cute! We miss her!