Saturday, October 3, 2009

Checking off the list

This map shows the 24 states that I've visited. I adjusted it from the original 15 I had with the help of Dad. {I think I need some help from family ... am I missing some states? 15 doesn't seem like very many when we did a lot of traveling as a family when we were growing up.}


Visited 24 states (48%) shown in red.
Create your own visited map of The United States or website vertaling duits?

I saw this on another blog today & thought it was a cool way to keep track of your travels. There are many other states that I'd like to visit ... most of them in the Northeast.

Do any of my readers have a bottomless bank account that would like to take me on a trip? ;)

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Mitzi said...

Looks like you need a little time up North, eh? Maybe we should road trip to the IKEA store in Minneapolis!

4 Magic Words said...

Whoa! I thought you went with Molly on the Spring Break trip when she looked at colleges in states like Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky.

Further, don't I remember seeing you at a Siegfried & Roy show in Las Vegas?

And, who can forget the outlet Mall in Kenosha, Wisconsin?

Does getting lost somewhere in Mississippi on your way home from the Final Four count?

Check your maps to see if you 'skirt' Alabama when you go from Chattanooga to Atlanta.

Were you ever in Maryland during all of those trips to Washington, DC?

Obviously you need a road trio to Omaha and/or Des Moines!

Where is your map for Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe?

4 Magic Words said...

Gee Whiz ... I remember flying into Fort Smith, Arkansas with you! Check off another one!